9 Mar 2014


connecting -  Lately I've fallen into the habit of retreating to the kitchen to wash up as my beloved reads the bed time stories. Although its nice to come away from tucking them in to a tidy kitchen and swept floors, I have downed tools this week and snuggled up on the lounge next to my babies.  

nourishing -  I am quite frankly addicted to Tom Kha soup at the moment. I think I make "mmmm" sounds throughout the entire meal.

reading -  When I need a little help to notice the sparks of beauty around me I always turn to Pia Jane Bijkerk's  book, My Heart Wanders.  Her tender way inspires me beyond words and has guided me gently back to a path of positivity. This world is full of so much beauty and sometimes we just need a little nudge to  push aside the mundane and see it.

creating -  Thrifted  ladies' linen and corduroy pants have been cut into smaller versions for the little man. Dressing my babies as ethically and environmentally conscious as possible often involves some effort on my part. I can't say I mind at all. 

nurturing -  She is revelling in the written word and her blossoming knowledge of it. I am constantly helping her to sound out words and form the letter shapes.  With the explosion of paperwork coming from her tiny desk it may be time to replace it with a more grown up version.

growing -   I'm seriously contemplating beginning my bread making journey by growing our own sourdough starter. Nothing quite like jumping in the deep end to get things moving.

dreaming -  We have all but completed the renovations on our home. We're thinking of selling up and doing it all over again and my mind is a delightful swirl of wall colours, bathroom tiles and room for chickens. Scrolling through my "pins" it is clearly apparent that I have a deep love of natural timber. 

Steph x


Laurie M said...

what wonderful practices you are undertaking, making ones own bread is a task that is most pleasurable for me, even with my vision loss it remains a passion, I have made my own starter, years ago, the many different starters produce varied flavored bread, so healthy for our bellies!!!

Rachel said...

Oh you simply must try sourdough! I experimented a little over a year ago, had a baby and then killed my first starter BUT I recently gleaned some more starter from a friend and its coming along famously! And the bread is turning out quite nicely too. I recommend Wild Sourdough by Yoke Mardewi -- her methods are excellent!

Steph @ this brown wren said...

I'm managing to keep my plants alive so I'm ever hopeful ;) Thanks for the book recommendation, I will hunt it out. Hope all is lovey in your world :) xx

Steph @ this brown wren said...

I can't wait to try it! We love sourdough bread so to be able to make our own will be brilliant. Hope your week is a beautiful one :) xx

Jennifer said...

Sourdough is really great. We've had our starter for about seven years now. We use it a few times a week, for bread as well as pancakes. I wish I could give you some.

Tina @ The Rogue Sparrow said...

The book by Pia jane sounds great - I'll have to see if our library has it. I've been reading a lot on fermentation to make pickles and sauerkraut but sourdough is first on the list. It's a bit daunting though...maybe I should just jump in as well..not think too much about it.