7 Sep 2014


"A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou - She finally mastered Papa's old go-cart all by herself.
Remy -  All his clothes are getting too small as he grows before my very eyes.

Steph x

Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.

3 Sep 2014

walks with Enid

I found an old box of my childhood treasures the other day. Baa Baa the sheep, my gem collection and a tower of well thumbed Enid Blyton books. Fondly I recall memories of burnished halls and thatched barns. Of plum cakes, brown bread and butter, and treacle. Such beautifully descriptive texts telling tales of simple days; simple lives.

And so I created a new (and already much loved) ritual with Bijou. Each night after our family story time we tuck Remy into bed and I snuggle under the covers with my girl and read to her. We wander under cherry trees in full blossom,wipe eggs clean for market and we crank heavy wooden butter churns and marvel at the resulting pale yellow.

Housework and sibling squabbles are forgotten as she and I walk hand in hand into a world of innocence, gentleness and simplicity.A world that I know so well but one I am delighted to be exploring again with my wide eyed girl.  By lamp light, tucked under woollen blankets we quietly walk together; just my honey girl, Enid and me.

Steph x

1 Sep 2014


connecting -  In the daily to and fro of raising a toddler and a school aged poppet I've found it harder to indulge myself with baby thoughts throughout the day. Come evening when all is quiet in the house I draw a deep, warm bath, light candles and turn my awareness inwards. Buoyant and relaxed I have found the perfect place to watch this new life squirm about within and connect with my thoughts.  I follow with a slow, tender belly massage using an organic coconut oil and then head to bed. 

nourishing -  We've been quite literally through the wringer with nasty end of Winter germs.  Chicken broth with tiny cubes of vegies have become an at least once a day meal; sometimes there's ramen noodles, sometimes rice. Always, there is plenty of garlic and a grating of warming ginger. 

reading -  Spring is the perfect time for picnics and I've got a long list of cakes from Love, Bake, Nourish  that I'm eager to make (and eat!). Tell me, do you read cook books like novels too? 

creating -  Finding inspiration here I've have begun the momentous task of collating (and finally printing) family photographs. Poor little Remy doesn't even have a baby album!

nurturing -  Sandals are beckoning as the weather turns warmer and Winter toes are not looking their best. While I am still able to reach them I am giving my feet a good slather with a homemade sugar scrub and then adding some vibrant colour

listening - I'm waking earlier lately and rather than jumping straight out of bed and getting the day started I'm listening to morning bird song as the sun comes up. Welcome Spring!

Steph x

31 Aug 2014


"A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou - Those starry eyes and that smile are for her Papa bear; she's besotted with him. 
Remy -  He sing songs most conversations lately and we've found ourselves joining in.

Steph x

Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.

25 Aug 2014


Reflecting on my everyday has slowly become a part of my way of living. Where I once would trip and stumble through daily goings on without so much as a backward thought, I now find that thinking through my actions at the day's close helps me to make peace with any wrong doings, strive for more balance tomorrow and ultimately, grow.  I started a weekly reflecting post at the beginning of this year and thoroughly enjoyed journalling my days. But the busyness of life (and certain other sweet things) made the process seem a little self indulgent. I've decided to reclaim this small slice of "thinking" time and make this nourishing practice part of my week once more.

connecting -  With so much to look forward to in the coming months and quite the list of plans and preparations, Darren and I have been spending quiet evenings curled up on the lounge together. Goals have been made, new car choices finalised (finding a car that fits three car seats across is rather a challenge!) but mostly, time has been spent just the two of us. And a cheeky bowl of ice cream and hot chocolate fudge.

nourishing -  To mix things up and to add some more nutrient dense options to our breakfast menu I've been trying the nut porridge and chia seed pudding from this gorgeous book

reading - With each new season I reach for my well thumbed copy of The Way of the Happy Woman and read through her seasonal advice. A shopping list for the pantry is compiled from her recipes and suggestions and a few new yoga poses are added to my very simple (read: quick!) morning routine. Yes, I'm preparing for Spring.

creating -  Lady Spring is only moments away from unleashing her floral bounty so I've been creating little "Molly" sun blouses to add to my shop. Bijou lives in this style of top all through Spring and Summer; they are at once both cool and sun protective on delicate skin.

nurturing -  Tiny eyes have been raw and itchy lately and a gentle wash with warm chamomile tea has been helping.

listening - This exquisite song bird has been on high rotation ever since I became pregnant with our third poppet.

Steph x

24 Aug 2014


"A portrait of my babies, once a week, every week."

Bijou -  A little woodland sprite dancing in the green.
Remy -  Enthralled by the currawongs trying to get seed from our bird feeder.

Steph x

Joining in with the beautiful Jodi.

22 Aug 2014


She chose the deepest pink one and claimed it as her own; a delicate bloomed cyclamen with an abundance of buds.  There amidst the terracotta pots we talked of plants' needs and the responsibility of providing them.  She listened with much eager nodding and hops from one foot to the other. And so the purchase was made.

At home she declared the dining table the perfect spot. "Just the right amount of light" she said, and I couldn't argue that the energising pop of colour would be lovely at meal times. Every few days she thrusts her long fingers into the soil and cocks her head to the side as her skin detects the moisture levels.  A small cut glass jug, her chosen watering vessel, providing the nourishment if needed.  Some mornings she carts the small pot down the hallway to let her plant bask in the morning sun creeping in the back door; I hear her nattering away to the foliage. And from time to time she snips off the spent blooms to encourage flowering.  All the while I watch her take greater steps out into the world; independence, responsibility and compassion.

Such deep lessons learnt from something so simple.

Steph x